Easily find answers to the most frequently asked questions about Venice Airports and Venice Airport Shuttle.

In Venice City Center the Airport Shuttle stop is located at Piazzale Roma.

Marco Polo Shuttle’s stop is located at door 2 and 3 of arrival area. marco Polo Airport have just one Terminal.

Canova Treviso Airport have just one Terminal. Treviso Shuttle is in arrival area.

Venice is served by 2 airports. International Marco Polo Airport and Canova Treviso Airport.

After the online payment, you will receive the tickets via email. Tickets are available immediately. Tickets are valid for the date of download, open hours.

Please visit the dedicated page of each Airport on this website to find the timetable of the airport shuttles.

We kindly ask you to select the place and date from where you will take the shuttle in order to manage arrivals. However, once these chosen, they are not mandatory. So please do not worry if you wish to change the place from which you will take the shuttle, or the date when you will take it. But please make attention, when you download the tickets must be the date of use.